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Tourist Stuff in Anchorage, Day 1

We visited the Harley Davidson dealership. We like to get HD t-shirts from places we travel. Their artwork around the dealership was nice, but none of their t-shirt designs were what I'd wear. We left without purchasing anything. The personnel in the store did not speak to us at all!

Nice bear out front.

Artwork made from a piece of the "Alaska Pipeline".

Nice bear.

Our next stop was the Alaska Native Heritage Center. We watched dancers perform traditional dances, listened to the storytelling, met some carvers, and toured authentic dwellings. Each colored section on the map is a different tribe.

Entrance to center.

First dance performace we saw.

Women's dwelling.

Men's dwelling.
Spring bubbling up out of the rocks.

Waterfall behind me where the spring enters the lake.

Whale skeleton.

Totem pole.

Looking back across the lake.

Dancers performing again.

This is a different tribe's dances.

Not all tribes have male dancers.

Our next stop was Gwennies, Old Alaskan Restaurant. Service was slow and prices for entrees was $19.00 and up! We ate sandwiches. Lots of atmosphere.

Old car out front.

Carving out front also.

Stairwell decoration.

Bear and fountain.

Nice moose.