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Tourist Stuff in Anchorage, Day 3

Day 3 was supposed to be a train ride out to Girdwood where we would meetup at the Mt. Alyeska Aerial Tram, ride to the top, eat lunch, and ride the tour bus to the wildlife park and back to Anchorage. Unfortunately, too much rain caused a mud slide onto the train tracks. The train ride was replaced with a tour bus ride to Girdwood. It worked out well because we stopped at two turnouts for pictures.

Had Reindeer Sausage and eggs for breakfast at City Diner.

Turnagain Arm and mountains.

Our first turnout was called Beluga Point.
Train tracks paralled the highway.

Other view from the turnout.

2nd Turnout was for Bird Creek.

Our group walking down to the creek.
Salmon fishing in Bird Creek.


View looking West.


View of creek emptying into Turnagain Arm.

View of the glaciers.

The aerial tram.

Alyeska Hotel.

Statue out front.

Inside the hotel giftshop.

Mountain veiw from the aerial tram.

View of hotel from the top.

Inside the restaurant on Mt. Alyeska.

Turnagain Arm.

Glacier stream.


Display inside the gift shop.

Stream again.

Mountains in the mist.

Another small glacier.

That's as high as I climbed.

After decending from Mount Alyeska we went to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. It is a few miles further west of Girdwood on the land that used to be the city called Prospect. When it sank into Turnagain Arm during the earthquake it was not rebuilt. There are still a couple of rooftops visible in the area. The animals at the conservation center are ones rescued and in need of care. The eagle at the center only has one wing.