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WTTW Hike in Palo Duro Canyon

These pictures are from Day Two of The West Texas Trail Walkers three day event in Palo Duro Canyon. Saturday's walk started at 8:30 at the Chinaberry Day Usea Area. There were several trail options. Ed and I chose to do the Lighthouse Trail. We then came back in on the Cottonwood Flats - Givens, Spicer, Lowery Trail. We did approximately 17K. This was not an official option so I am guessing at the distance.

There was a flock of wild turkeys at the start. This is just two of the flock that I could get close to.

Walkers registering.

Walkers coming in from parking area.

There is a turkey hidden in the foliage.

Jan and Mary were keeping us on the right trail.

Checkpoint Volunteers

We stepped aside to let the faster walkers go by.

Volunteers at the 12K/14K Split.

Castle Rock is to the left. Lighthouse rock is on the right.

Checkpoint and 12K turnaround.

I chose to go on up to Lighthouse/Castle Rock. Ed stayed at the checkpoint/turnaround.

Hiker ahead on the climb.

Looking down on hiker behind.

Castle Rock from the plateau between.

Lighthouse from the plateu between.

Almost on top of Castle Rock.
Henrietta and David (standing)
Robert and Sherri.

The top of Castle Rock.

Looking across the valley.

Looking the other way from same spot.

Henrietta headed down.

View of Lighthouse from Castle Rock

Sherri choose a different trail down.

Back on the flat and headed back in, we passed Guni and a friend of hers on the trail.

Flowers along the trail.


Bill at the 14K/20K split.