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WTTW Hike in Palo Duro Canyon

Sunday morning we again joined The West Texas Trailwalkers for a hiking event in Palo Duro Canyon. We did the 10K which included the Sagebrush Camp Area, the Pioneer Nature Trail, and the CCC Trail which goes from the bottom of the canyon all the way up to the rim. It also included a short out and back to visit Table Rock.

Walk started at Pioneer Amphitheatre.

Tin artwork.

This was on the Pioneer Nature Trail.

Susan on the CCC Trail.

Looking down on our cars in the parking lot.

Human arrow at the Table Rock turnoff.

This section was an out and back.

Ed at Table Rock

View from Table Rock

Back on the climb to the rim.

That's me.

Trail is above the highway out of the canyon.

We walked past those yellow trees on Friday.

Robert is our human arrow at this turn.

Bridge built by the CCC.

White rock formation.

Checkpoint and 10K turnaround.

Walkers in the mist.